¡New job opportunity! 09/15/2021

We’re hiring a Raman Spectroscopy and Data Analysis Scientist!

Come join a creative and multidisciplinary team dedicated to investigate and develop innovative biomedical devices based on nanobiotechnology, photonics and Lab-on-a-chip. In this position, you will contribute to improve the health, well-being, and safety of people.

You will help us to for analysing large quantities of data, but also to register spectroscopic measurements in the laboratory, contribute to design and prototyping development of spectroscopic equipment, and provide guidance and technical support to the team.


What’s the job?

Preparing and analyzing samples using different spectroscopic techniques; mainly Raman and SERS spectroscopy, but also fluorescence or UV-Vis spectroscopy

Data analysis from the registered spectra. Multivariate Data Analysis and Nonlinear Minimization

Formatting and automating the formatting of data. Encoding data formatting and data analysis algorithms

Working with scientists, likely physicists and engineers, to develop optical/spectroscopic systems

Assisting with troubleshooting issues relating software data processing

Coordinating instrument maintenance and repair

To be considered for the role you should have a Bachelor, M.Sc. and Ph.D. level qualification or equivalent experience in relevant field of study, e.g. Physics, Optical Engineering, Materials Sciences or Nanotechnology; mostly preferably Physics.


What experience and skills you should cover?

Expertise in Raman spectroscopy and deep understanding of spectroscopic techniques, such as fluorescence and UV-Vis spectroscopy

Experience in optics for spectroscopy and microscopy. Understanding of how Spectroscopy /Microscopy setups work (optical components and imaging hardware)

Programming skills. Python is a must. Data manipulation and mathematical statistical scripting. Skilled on hyperspectral data analysis. (e.g. Matlab, OriginLab, Labview, etc.)

Experience with image acquisition and analysis programs, such as ImageJ or Fiji

Multivariate Data Analysis (e.g. PLS Toolbox, PCA). Mathematical / Statistical data evaluation methods and algorithms (e.g. Excel, PSS, Sigma plot, or Origin Lab)


Preferred but not essential:

Nanophotonics and nanobiotechnology knowledge

Experience in optical and electronic microscopy (TEM, SEM)

Experimental design, including Design of Experiments approaches



Idea generation, problem analysing and solving ability

Strong communication, data presentation and visualization skills

Fluent English and Spanish

What we offer?

Competitive salary

Indefinite contract (6 months of trial period)

Full-time job (free Friday afternoons)

Immediate incorporation

Great opportunity to develop your skills within an innovative company

Excellent growth and advancement opportunities

Join a creative multidisciplinary team in a healthcare company dedicated to transferring basic science outcomes to marketable products

If you meet the previous requirements, do not hesitate to apply! Send us an e-mail with your CV. PDF or video cover letters will be really appreciate it!


If you meet the previous requirements, do not hesitate to apply!

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    You can also send us an e-mail with your CV to (Mireia Corominas, mcorominas@medcomtech.es and Sara Gómez, sgomez@medcomadvance.com). PDF or video cover letters will be really appreciate it!

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