Equipment and Facilities

Medcom Advance, S.A. is provided with different equipment for their research purposes.

Some of this instrumentation involve Raman Spectroscopy, Flow cytometry or UV-Vis spectroscopy.

The company is also provided with other equipment such an optical and a fluorescence microscopes, an automated colony counting equipment, a spin-coater device or an oxygen plasma system. Its specialized team is in charge of the equipment, who ensure its correct maintenance.

Medcom Advance, S.A. can study their use in different applications, being feasible the sample preparation, sample evaluation and data analysis. Ask for it!

Development services and Collaborations

Medcom Advance, S.A. can offer personalized service to customers, thanks to the skills acquired in years of research on nano and microstructured materials.

Our technical team is specialized in the fields of nano and microstructured particles, biotechnology, microbiology and spectroscopic techniques, including its data analysis.

Medcom Advance, S.A. is also opened to new opportunities and to collaborate in research projects.

Raman spectroscopy

Our team has a large expertise on Raman and SERS spectroscopy applied not only to determine chemical structure of compounds but also to biomolecules, cells or tissues to study physiopathology.

Flow cytometry

Medcom Advance, S.A. can analyze your samples with a high performance benchtop flow cytometer. 

Biological and biochemical characterization

We offer our experience to perform biological and biochemical tests. Antibody testing, ELISA assays, or bacteria and fungi contamination are some of the possibilities

More techniques

Searching for other techniques? Check some more equipment offered by Medcom Advance, S.A.

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