Medcom Advance, S.A. has a wide experience in the production and (bio)functionalization of micro and nanoparticles. We are specialized in the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles, such as silver and gold colloids, with excellent optical properties.

Colloidal particles

Colloidal Nanoparticles

Metallic nanosized particles. Choose your better option, including bare or functionalized particles.



Microparticles can be functionalized or coated for biological or chemical applications.

Conjugated Particles

Conjugated Particles

Nano and microparticles can be conjugated with a wide range of biomolecules, such as proteins or oligonucleotides. Custom conjugations are available for specific applications.

Conjugated Particles

Customized Particles

Looking for design or construct your own particles? Ask for it


Quality information

All our particles are characterized by different techniques to ensure the correct synthesis and (bio)functionalization. 

  • UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • TransmissionElectronMicroscopy (TEM)
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Zeta potential
  • Hydrodynamic radio (Dynamic Light Scattering, DLS)