NanoMicroorganism Optical Detection System, NanoMODS®

Medcom Advance, S.A. is committed to NanoMODS® technology, which takes advantage of nanobiotechnology and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) to allow rapid diagnosis of infections (Sepsis). NanoMODS ® aims to outperform competitors’ solutions in terms of analysis time, accuracy and number of identified microorganisms.

SERS has been stablished as an ultrasensitive analytical technique that can provide detection of even single molecules. Several direct and label-free applications have been developed in fields as biomedicine, pollutant monitoring or molecular and material characterization.

NanoMODS® has virtually unlimited multiplexing capability, associated with the unique spectra of molecules, the short detection times of the technique, and the small size of the necessary reagents. Thus, the method emerges as a revolutionary technique, being feasible to quantify multiple different types of bacteria in few minutes per milliliter of biological fluid (blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) in a single test.


Patents and Publications


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A method for detection of presence or absence of analytes in fluids and an optical detection system for carrying out the method:
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