Circulating Tumoral Cells Detection

 Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) provide a blood biomarker for early carcinogenesis, cancer progression and treatment effectiveness. An increase in CTCs is associated with cancer progression, a decrease in CTCs with cancer containment or remission.

Enormous technological progress has been made in this field. However, the detection of CTCs in blood is still challenging, and few CTCs detection methods have been approved for routine clinical use.

Medcom Advance, S.A. has been working on non-invasive methods for CTCs detection and quantification, cancer diagnosis and staging of patients, with the aim of developing devices for the prognosis and assessment of treatment.

Patents and Publications

Detection and quantification of tumoral cells through metabolic pathway and fluorescence spectroscopy.

European Patent Office, Patent granted.  United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent granted.


3D-flow focusing microfluidic device, where all optics are integrated into the chip, for the fluorescence quantification of CTCs.

European Patent Office & United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent applications submitted.