Encapsulated nanoparticles

Colloidal nanoparticles can be encapsulated to prevent degradation and agglomeration. The addition of a protective layer ensures a clean spectroscopic pattern, preventing molecules leakage and contamination interferences, and a homogeneous signal intensity in case of Raman applications.

Most common encapsulation is the entrapment of the core metallic nanoparticle into a shell of silicon oxide (silica). Silica encapsulation provides particle stabilization, monodispersity and facilitates cargo capacity and molecular conjugation.

Characteristics of the encapsulated nanoparticles

  • Quasi-spherical nanoparticles
  • Silica-shell 5-30 nm
  • High Raman cross-section for SERS NPs
  • High colloidal stability
  • Improved biocompatibility

Encapsulated nanoparticles 

All colloids are fully characterized to ensure their quality.



  • Raman imaging
  • Biosensing
  • Sensing
  • Drugs
  • Air analysis

Non-encapsulated silver nanoparticles,
70 nm diameter

Encapsulated silver nanoparticles, 70 nm diameter, 5 nm silica-shell

Encapsulated silver nanoparticles, 70 nm diameter, 25 nm silica-shell

Example of our catalogue

Silica-shell silver nanoparticles

Unit Size: 1 mg

Catalog Núm. SiNP001-1MG


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