Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry allows the differentiation and separation of cells depending on their size and morphological characteristics. The measure consists on passing individualized cells through a channel which is transversely illuminated by a laser. The light scattering properties of each cell provide information about the cell size and its complexity.

NovoCyte® is a benchtop flow cytometer capable of detecting up to 17 parameters with enhanced sensitivity and resolution.

The system offers a high degree of flexibility while providing complex cell analysis capabilities.  

Automation of fluidic parts allows to minimize the analysis times as well as simplify procedures.

Technical Specifications

Lasers:  405, 488, 640 nm
Filters: FSC, SCC, FL channels up to 15 colors (PacificBlue, AmCyan, PacificOrange, FITC, PE, Cy5, PerCP, PE-Cy7, APC, AlexaFluor700)
Detector: PMT
Scatter resolution: 0.2 µm


Sample adquisition rate: 35,000 events/second
Sample flow rate: 5 – 120 µL/min
Shealth flow: 10 µL – 5 mL
Sampling: 12 X 75 mm tube, 1.5 mL Eppendorf tubes


Software: ACEA NovoExpress®

For further information about the system: Acea Novocyte

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  • Cell biology
  • Hematology
  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Microparticle analysis